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Manager of all things social

Michael, a social media enthusiast and digital marketing professional at HBO, resides in the East Village of New York City. When he's not busy perfecting his filtering skills (VSCOcam, duh), he spends his time day dreaming of his future as the world's foremost cheese connoisseur. At night, you'll find him on the dance floor. | Twitter

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Secretary Extraordinare (and head cheerleader)

Michele works at Optimedia on digital things -- let her Google that for you. Her drink of choice is a soy latte. While she loves the Windy City, London is calling and she must answer. Cheers. | Twitter // Blog

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Best friend to the press

Somewhere between Mozambique and Brooklyn, Mathew (one T) is a communications and Vanessa's Dumpling House specialist. Operating on Central African Time, The Lunch Read is really more like The Dinner Read for Mathew, however that's neither here nor there. | Twitter // Blog

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Queen of product (and development)

Jori is an East Village based Digital Product Manager for Rolling Stone and Us Weekly. When she's not crafting or downward dogging (verb?), you can find her trolling for sample sales and vintage jewelry. She prefers Soundcloud to Spotify and posts all of her favorites from the Hype Machine on her tweeter: @jobe1130 | Twitter // Blog

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Resident technologist 

Adam is a member of the investment team at Lightbank--an early stage venture capital firm. In 2012, his friend Sutton inspired him to take a photo a day; this resulted in 365 pictures of coffee / travel (and an obsession with Instagram). A lover of whiteboards and movie trailers, you can frequently find Adam trying to clean out his Pocket feed. | Twitter // Blog

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El Presidente 

Thought to be a lifelong Chicagoan, Sutton lives for spontaneity (#yolo) and recently packed her bags for New York City (where she now works as the Global Recruiting Manager at Axiom Law). She lives by the motto, 'Expect the best', and once spent an entire weekend watching So You Think You Can Dance clips on You Tube. | Twitter

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Analytics, Audience Affinities, Alliteration

Eric is a Senior Analyst at Nielsen Catalina Solutions, though you may know him better as Glenbrook North High School's Most Outgoing Male of 2008. When not hanging onto the past, he enjoys spending time with his best friends (ages range from 7-80) and mixing up sauces, most recently Sriracha Honey Mustard. Patent pending. | Twitter

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Manager of all things musical

Alexa is an Operations Manager at Neil Enterprises Varsity Line outside Chicago. Her favorite things include concerts, hippos, Amy Poehler, french fries, and long walks on the beach. Her head is too big for 98% of hats, and when her third grade softball team provided "one size fits all" caps, she had to steal and adult-sized one from the coach. | Twitter

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Growth hacker of partnerships 

Sam is 25 Years Old, and from Teaneck, New Jersey. George Washington once passed through Teaneck in 1776. He now resides in Williamsburg and is considered by many a "friend of the hipsters." He's just shamelessly trying to stay relevant. | Twitter // Blog

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Purveyor of Pop Culture

Alex exits Manhattan's Lower East Side and patiently waits for the J/Z trains while flipping through his book club's fiction choice of the week. With his headphones in and anything from Pigeons to Planes running through his head, Alex grinds for Hanover Street Capital. If he could, he'd have every one of his evening meals seated at the bar with a drink in hand next to a good friend. Late night activities include spending time with Jimmy, Seth and Jimmy. One day, he'll have shows just like them. Until then, he'll stick to dad jokes. | Twitter

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In early 2013, Michele and Jori began inviting friends, acquaintances, and cool people they met on the subway to share great articles that they read.
This modern book club began to grow and The Lunch Read was born.
Meet the ten original Lunch Readers.
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