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What to Do as a Rick and Morty Fan When You Tragically Encounter Another Rick and Morty Fan

I only got into Rick and Morty a few weeks ago after being deprived of the meaningful satisfaction to my life that I felt I was promised with the Game of Thrones finale, and honestly I really enjoy the show. It’s got clever writing, entertaining storylines, and a quirky art style.

But as soon as I told people about my newfound interest for the show, I stopped having pleasant discussions with people, and instead got bombarded by fellow fans giddily yelling into my face, “OH MY GOD, I’M PICKLE RICKKKKK!” So as a fellow Rick and Morty fan, here’s my advice to you if you’re unfortunate enough to come across another Rick and Morty fan:

First off, just nod and yeah every remark the fan makes about the show. This is a classic move that makes it seem like you are agreeing with how intelligent this person thinks he is when you’re really just slowly dying inside listening to him explain how the show is the greatest, high-brow philosophical work of our time. Even throw in a disingenuous laugh to really sell it when he talks about how great Mr. Poopy Butthole is.

Another good strategy is to claim that you are a “Real-Life Rick” yourself. This will ease any hostility he might harbor towards you in relation to your devotion to the show. Rick and Morty fans love to compare themselves to Rick and believe they are the physical embodiment of the man himself. Again, just nod and “yeah” when he talks about how smart he is for enjoying the show while overlooking the fact that he still hasn’t completed community college.

But if you really want to entertain this fan, just get into a meaningless diatribe with him on how nihilistic the universe is and how we’re all just Ricks, floating around in an indifferent universe while trying to find meaning for ourselves, which is a mission that’s ultimately futile and will only end in our own self-pity and suffering - he’ll love that. Anyways have fun explaining to your friends that you are a Rick and Morty fan, but not one of those fans for the rest of your life!

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