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Two Attractive Grads Seeking an Open-Minded Third to Hire Them for a Solid Entry-Level Position

By Erica Clayton-Doyle

Erin McAuliffe and Peter Clarke are two attractive recent graduates casually seeking an open-minded and fun entry-level position or unpaid internship that covers travel expenses. Recently, the pair decided to experiment a little by creating a joint LinkedIn profile seeking a third to hire them as a means to spice up their potential future employment.

Kelly Lollis, the hiring manager of Connections Incorporated, an advertising agency seeking unpaid interns, stumbled upon Erin and Peter’s profile on Monday morning.

Lollis stated: “I can’t lie — I definitely thought about it for a second. It’s tempting and a little exciting to bring two people onto our staff at once, but I’m going to pass on them. I admire their initiative but it’s kind of weird. It also seems to be more for them than for us.”

Ryan Coolidge, a current intern at Connections Incorporated, told reporters: “I just don’t really get how it would work. Like, which one of them would file paperwork? Are they gonna get jealous if the boss gives one of them more attention?”

Peter Clarke said on the subject: “It actually took a bit of convincing to get Erin on board, but I fully believe in this little job hunting experiment. We’re two adventurous and kind-hearted people both willing to put in half of the effort and are trying to make our next job more exciting for everyone involved. Searching for jobs on our own was just getting kind of boring. I think people just need to be open-minded about it.”

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