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Three Must-See Movies that Won’t Erase The Times Josh Gad Hit Me with His Car and Wouldn’t Apologize

Hello, Summer! Summer is the time to soak up some sun, go to the beach, and grill on the barbecue! You also get those nice, cool evenings where you gather with friends and family to watch a great movie that everyone can enjoy. After a rough couple of months involving expensive medical bills and intensive physical therapy, I know I am looking forward to a relaxing summer where I can watch my favorite movies, and forget I was struck by a speeding car on numerous occasions by celebrity film actor Josh Gad. Here are my picks for Must-See Summer Movies:

Frozen (2013)

What better movie to stave off the heat than a movie like Frozen? This instant Disney classic won over audiences around the world with catchy tunes, an emotional story, and a memorably hilarious snowman named Olaf (played by renowned singer/actor/comedian, Josh Gad). A beautiful adventure of sisterly love and winter magic is sure to win over the hearts of everyone watching. If only a movie as charming and lovely as Frozen could help me forget how beloved celebrity Josh Gad viciously ran me down with his 2013 Ford Fusion one year ago to this very day, July 3rd 2018.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Truly a “tale as old as time”, the 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast may not have been something film audiences wanted, but the return to the world of the 1991 animation triumph proved itself to be well worth the trip! It’s a great flick to watch snuggled up with family, friends, and a warm bowl of popcorn. All your favorite characters from the original movie are here, and in live-action! These characters are portrayed by acting legends such as Emma Thompson, Sir Ian McKellen, Audra McDonald, and (wouldn’t-you-know!) Potential Vehicular Muderer: Josh Gad! Seeing Josh give new life to a character such as LeFou is just as incredible as the time he almost (again) took my life on July 25th 2018, when he flew past a stop sign and crushed my left kneecap beneath one of the tires of his 2013 Ford Fusion. I spent 6 months total in physical therapy.

The Angry Birds Movie (2016)

All I want is for Josh Gad to say “I’m sorry”, OK? Is that so much to ask for? You’d think being hit by the same car four times within the span of two months would warrant at least an apology Hallmark card. The fourth time Josh pummeled me with his red 2013 Ford Fusion, was on August 8th, 2018. I definitely know this one was on purpose, because he drove straight into my house, got out of his car, deliberately smashed all *six* of my collector’s BluRay box sets of Frozen, and made damn sure to drive over at least one of my ankles on his way out. I am still deathly terrified that popular American comedian/voice actor Josh Gad will one day return, driving a newer Ford Fusion, and try to kill me by running me over with his car.

I hope this list helps lead you to your new favorite summer-fun flicks, and that Josh Gad choke on his own bile!

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