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O.J. Simpson Is on Cameo Now, and the Demand for His Videos Has Skyrocketed

By Peter Clark-Deutsch

Just months after making an unexpected splash into the social media landscape with his brand new Twitter account, O.J. Simpson created his own profile on the celebrity-centered online video platform, Cameo.

“Hey Cameo World, it’s yours truly,” Simpson says in his introductory video. “Hoping to use this platform to communicate with you all and spread some joy into people's lives.”

While the addition of Simpson to the site’s vast catalog of celebrities has been met with some pushback, the overall consensus on his arrival to the platform has been overwhelmingly positive as evident by user-reviews and the ever-growing amount of requests for individual shout-outs from him.

“Getting a personal video message from the Juice was the best birthday gift I could’ve asked for,” said 18-year-old aspiring professional-football player, Ryan Carter. “He holds the record for most rushing yards per game in a season and is the fastest player to rush for more than 2,000 yards in a single season. I want to be just like him.”

And Simpson has been very swift to respond to people’s requests, which cover just about any occasion - from birthdays to anniversaries to even new pregnancies.

“I just want to congratulate Karen and her husband Robert on their newly-discovered pregnancy,” Simpson can be heard saying in one of his public video messages. “I can’t tell you how happy I am that you two are bringing a new baby into this world because life is so very precious.”

Sources from Cameo headquarters in Chicago have told the Lunch Read that O.J. Simpson is a verified user.

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