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Netflix Removes Every Episode of The Office, Except ‘Scott's Tots’

By Brian Walsh

Netflix finally met your demands! Every single episode of NBC’s The Office (except ‘Scott’s Tots’) has been removed!

Responding to a weeks-long viral internet campaign, Netflix made the incredible, swift decision to have every single episode of The Office (save Episode 12 of Season 6: ‘Scott’s Tots’) taken down from the streaming service. ‘Scott’s Tots’ now resides within Netflix’s Short Film category, an esteemed collection of the very best modern art has to offer.

“We were very glad to see such adoration for ‘Scott’s Tots’,” says Netflix producer Kim Laure. “It’s a landmark 22-minute film. To remove ‘Scott’s Tots’ would be like smashing the Statue of David. Drawing on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. No one at Netflix could even stomach the thought of it being scrubbed forever. We have a responsibility to humankind.”

Jam Holpurt (“Office Fan” and art critic) reports: “I despise absolutely every episode of The Office, besides ‘Scott’s Tots’ of course. There’s something about ‘Scott’s Tots’ that transcends even the audio/visual medium it resides in. You could make a 201-episode series where every episode is just ‘Scott’s Tots’, again and again and again. That show would be a masterpiece.”

‘Scott’s Tots’ (2009) is now available to watch on Netflix.

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