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Nerf Wants the Youth of America to Practice Their God-Given Right to Bear Arms in New Campaign

In a bold move during the midst of heated political discussions, the toy company, Nerf announced a new marketing initiative that would be catered towards children interested in learning about their constitutional right to own firearms.

“A lot of marketing campaigns these days are just cheap ploys by companies to tug at the heartstrings of millennial lefties,” said Hasbro CEO, Brian Goldner at a recent press conference. “But we realized that the decent, God-fearing, gun-loving folks of America is just a lucrative demographic to sell products to, especially if they are toy guns.”

The NRA has endorsed the campaign and will be featuring Nerf Guns at their frequent firearms expos, showcasing such weapons as the “AccuStrike FalconFire” “N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus Blaster.”

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