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JumpKick Is Looking to Take Over the Crowdfunding Business

By Peter Clark-Deutsch

It’s been four months since the crowdfunding website JumpKick made a splash into the already competitive online fundraising market, and so far the company has managed to successfully fund countless projects, causes, and personal indulgences.

“Business is booming,” said a spokesperson from JumpKick. “People doubted that a new competitor could break into an industry that’s already dominated by the big three, but we’ve managed to prove that there’s room for more competition in the selfless charity field.

The big three referred to are of course: GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and Indiegogo, all of which continue to hold a tight grip on a market that brings in billions each year.

“They’re getting cocky because they managed to fund a few cancer campaigns and nonprofits,” said GoFundMe CEO Tim Cadogan in a recent interview about JumpKick’s early success. “But look, I’ve been in this business for a long time. You can’t just tout that you raised triple the amount asked for some dipshit’s card game and call it a day. It’s a long, hard road to the top, and you have to pay your dues if you want to play with us big guys.”

But the people at JumpKick don’t seem to be too concerned about this remark given their recent social media activity, posting on Instagram a screenshot of their Facebook page when it hit 500 likes with the caption, “Next stop: Fortune 500.”

You can visit the website at and follow them on all social media platforms @jumpkickfunding. Internet users with a Coil account will get access to exclusive content on the website, which includes updates/what happened after certain campaigns.

Click the images below to view their JumpKick page!

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