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Introducing a New Kind of Crowdfunding Site: JumpKick

By Peter Clark-Deutsch

Online fundraising has been a staple of the past decade. From the rise of GoFundMe to the booming popularity of Kickstarter, funding projects and causes with the help of internet strangers continues to be prevalent in our everyday lives and all across the globe. “That’s why we decided to enter this lucrative market,” said a spokesperson from JumpKick: a new online crowdfunding platform that “aims to provide financial support for those who may or may not deserve it” according to their website. “The world is full of generous strangers that just want to be part of a good cause or contribute to the next big thing. All they need is a for-profit medium that connects them with a variety of people that they can help; that’s where we come in. The best part about us is that our search algorithm helps absolutely everyone who places their fundraiser on our site. We don’t discriminate here at JumpKick, because as we always say: ‘no matter the cause, we still take 5%.’” You can visit the new website at and follow them on all social media platforms @jumpkickfunding. Below are some of the site’s most recent fundraisers (click the photos to read the full fundraisers):

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Jun 29, 2020

how can i start a fundraiser like others even i want donation for something.

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