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How I Turned an Old Pair of Jeans Into a Huge Mess I Now Have to Clean Up

By Kevin Brown

If you’re anything like me then you’ve absolutely fallen in love with the DIY craze! The feelings of personal accomplishment and individuality you get from making your own clothes and accessories is quite simply something you can’t buy at a department store. That’s why I’m going to show you exactly how to make an adorable pair of denim jorts for Fall out of any old pair of jeans.

Supplies you’ll need:

- A pair of Jeans you won’t miss

- A pair of scissors

- A can-do attitude!

Step One: Dive right in and start cutting!

Most tutorials recommend tracing a line around your jeans for you to cut, but come on, we all know how to cut a line. Just lay your jeans flat on the ground, flatten any wrinkles with your hand, and start cutting a straight line along where you want to cut off your jorts. Remember, these scissors technically weren’t made for fabric so try to get the fabric as close to where the blades meet as possible for a clean cut.

Step Two: Huh, the legs look uneven. I guess try to even them out

It’s not that noticeable I guess. Maybe try looking at it from the back? Wow, ok, no, that does not look good. It looks like my ass has mud flaps. Also I was hoping the ends of the legs would look more frayed, but that didn’t end up happening. No worries, just even them out a little bit.

Step Three: You can never go too short!

Remember, you’re MAKING your own jorts! Of course there’s gonna be some mistakes here and there, this is your first time. Plus, the shorter the jort, the more leg you’re showing. This is going to look so hot, trust me.

Step Four: Pull away all those loose pieces of fabric

O.K., now that your legs are pretty much even, just pick at those loose strings at the end of the legs until things look pretty even. Remember, you’re going for frayed so don’t be afraid to pick at those weird angles the scissors caused.

Step Five: Oh no...These are way too short

...Yeah, o.k., we’re done here.

Congratulations! You just made your own pair of lopsided cut-off short jorts and a huge fucking mess! Clean it up before your roommate gets home and shove your creation from hell down to the bottom of your laundry basket until you get the courage to admit your failure and throw them away. Happy DIY creating!

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