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Comedy Barkers Now Messaging People that Famous Comedians Will Pop in on Their Instagram Live Shows

By Peter Clark-Deutsch

Despite every major NYC comedy clubs being closed due to COVID-19, comedy barkers have still been hard at work on Instagram by messaging unsuspecting strangers and promising that big comic names with verified check marks will be on their upcoming live show lineups. “@adamsandler will be doing a quick set on the show tonight from his basement. You don’t want to miss it” reads a message sent to over 1000 people by user @scottmandelcomedy, who works as a barker for @chucklehut’s weekly live show. “If I’m lucky, The Chuckle Hut will usually put me on at the end of the video stream,” Scott Mandel of @socttmandelcomedy told The Lunch Read. “The amount of time I get will usually depend on how many I people I can get watching, and they have to type in the chat #haha4scott so the booker knows that they came from me.” “Usually by the time I go up there are only four people left on the stream” said Chloe Harris of @pixiedreamzzcomedy, another barker for The Chuckle Hut. “I don’t mind though because even if there were five-hundred people in the stream, I’d still just be doing loud impressions of guys’ orgasms alone in my apartment.” For those interested, The Chuckle Hut’s weekly live show begins tonight at 8 with Tina Fey supposedly headlining despite her not having an Instagram account.

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