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The Lunch Read

Hand-packing your lunch [in]box every Wednesday with the week’s best finds.

It started with a problem.

These days, information comes from all over.
Twitter feeds, TV screens, and the occasional newspaper clipping from a tech-challenged grandparent bombard us at every turn. Making sense of this fire hose of information became a lunchtime ritual that started to drain our productivity.
We needed a more efficient way to figure out what to read, watch, and listen to with our shrinking free time.

So, we built a solution.

The Lunch Read aims to broaden the scope of information coming your way while narrowing your search efforts. We take the best stuff from across the Internet and spoon feed it to you. 
How? Easy... 
By subscribing to The Lunch Read, you’ll receive access to one delicious email per week (no spam, we promise!) chock full of great reads, videos, songs, and recipes to help make your life that much more interesting.
From pop culture to politics and technology to travel tips, this email will provide you with everything you need to de-clutter your lunchtime info-seeking. With thousands of twentysomethings already on board, subscribing is a no-brainer.
So sit back, relax, and savor that homemade PBKT (pork belly, kale, and tomato… naturally).
From now on, let us do the searching.
Love, The Lunch Read & Bathroom Break Team
Tommy, John, Alexis, Peter, Kevin, Brian.
Previously operated by Jori, Michele, Michael, Adam, Alexa, Eric, Mat, Sam, Sutton & Alex
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